Totes For Teen

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2023 Totes4Teens Contents


Boys and Girls –

Large Santa Bag filled with:

Size appropriate sleeping bag (to 20 degrees)

Bed Pillow with custom pillowcase*

Fleece blanket*

Beach Towel

Winter Parka

Insulated lunch box with ice pack

Supply of food items (snacks, peanut butter, beef jerky, etc.)


Duffle Bags filled with:

Size appropriate PJ sets

Size appropriate shirts (boys only)

Wallets (boys only)

Hot/Cold insulated cannister and cocoa mixes

Custom ceramic mug

Custom wrists bands and gender appropriate necklaces*

Various jewelry items and bags (for girls only) *

Bundled school supplies (25 different items)

Word find/Crossword books

Games (gender appropriate)

Umbrellas (girls only)

Rain Ponchos

Three pairs of socks (one wool blend)

Decks of cards

Flashlight with extra batteries and key ring flashlight

Custom knitted hats and matching coat scarves*

Pair of mittens

Mesh laundry bag

Shaving Kits (boys) with razors, shaving cream, after shave, wash cloth, etc.

Manicure Kits (girls) with files, clippers, polish, cotton, polish remover, etc. 

Custom luggage tag

Felt Santa Stocking filled with hygiene items (soaps, shampoos, toothpaste and brushes, combs, lotions, lip gloss, mouth wash, Qtips, etc.)

Bundle of all occasion cards and some with thumb drives

LuLu Roe clothing (girls only)


. . . . . . . . .and individual miscellaneous items plus one 10 speed bike and lock


*Personally made by Totes4Teens committee members

Totes Contents

Boys and Girls –

Size appropriate sleeping bag (to 20 degrees)

Large Duffle Bag

Large Santa Bag

PJ Sets

Winter Parka Fleece blankets

Standard bed pillow and custom pillow case

Beach Towels

Insulated Lunch Box with ice pack

Hot/Cold Insulated Cannister

Supply of food items

Custom luggage tag

Bundle of School supplies

Three pairs of socks (one wool blend)

Rain poncho

Flashlight and key ring flashlight

Felt Christmas stocking stuffed with hygiene items

Jigsaw puzzles (some to 1000 pieces)

Custom made ornaments

Knitted hats and coat scarves

Game and deck of cards

Pairs of mittens

Word Find Books

4-6 bundle all occasion cards

Custom ceramic coffee cup

Custom face masks

Mixture of miscellaneous other items

Boys also received –


Baseball hat

Zip drives

Shaving Kits

Girls also received –

Beanie Babies

Custom jewelry

Manicure Set

Coloring books and colored pencils


Totes Contents

Boys and Girls –

Size appropriate Sleeping Bag

Duffle Bag

Large Santa Bag

P.J. Sets

Winter Parka Fleece blanket

Beach towel

Insulated Lunch Box with two ice packs and many food items

Insulated hot/cold cannister

Luggage tag

Package of Christmas and general greeting cards (some with postage)

Sunglasses and case

Bundle of school supplies

Felt Christmas stocking filled with sanitary supplies

Three pairs of socks, one a wool blend

Knitted hat

Coat Scarf and pair of mittens/gloves

Game and deck of cards

Word Find book

Flashlight and flashlight key chain

Rain poncho

Mixture of other items (gifts for parents, slippers, extra clothing, etc.)

Boys also received –

One to two tee shirts

Shaving Kit with shaving cream, razors, clippers, hair shampoo soap, wash cloth, after shave lotion, etc.)

Camouflage baseball hat

Girls also received –

One hand made jewelry item

Beanie Baby Manicure Kit (polish, remover, Q-tips, cotton balls, scissors, clippers, files, etc.)

Coloring book and pencils

Extra coat scarf

Totes Contents

Special note: Four days before our scheduled stuffing day, our County and our State went into the “purple tier” due to the Covid resurgence that made it impossible for the 100 people who normally participate in the stuffing day event become a reality. This pretty much insured that our 122 scheduled recipients for the 2020 Christmas donations would not receive their items prior to the Christmas holiday.

Early in January, a group of dedicated Totes4Teens committee members planned a staged stuffing project from several locations and homes to facilitate at least “some” of the gathered items for our recipients. This was handled over a weeks’ time and then deliveries were made over a two-day period. Other items normally part of our annual donation that require a lot of labor to collate are being saved for the 2021 donations. The list below includes most of the items that were delivered so that the kids at least had warm clothing, toiletries, and bedding for the winter months.

Santa Bag contents –

Size appropriate sleeping bags

Standard pillow with personally made pillowcases

Christmas felt stocking stuffed with toiletry supplies

Fleece or felt blankets

Size appropriate winter parkas

Size appropriate PJ sets

Size appropriate T-shirts (boys only)

Heating rice satchels

Knitted or crocheted coat scarves

Knitted or crocheted and size appropriate knit hats

Three pairs of socks and one pair of wool socks

Package with one to two personally made face masks and sanitizer container